For Bit & Coin, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are future-oriented basic technologies that combines two things: The next evolutionary stage of money and the Internet.

We will push this evolution forward by building professional industrial mining capacities with green energy in Europe so that this technology can fulfill its originally intended purpose as a secure, independent and cheap payment that works globally.

As an industrial miner, Bit & Coin AG would like to optimally use this potential for the long term and independently of the respective cryptocurrency.


Bit & Coin AG was founded in 2017 and is based in Liechtenstein. The company is 100 % owned by Block & Chain GmbH from Austria. The share capital of Bit & Coin AG is € 1.000,000 divided into 100 millions fully paid-in bearer shares.



CEO of Bit & Coin AG is the entrepreneur Gerald Wirtl, who has been successful in the IT and energy sector for many years. He runs the company together with international IT expert Günther Wiesauer (COO), hardware and software expert Bernhard Christl (CTO) and Marion Reinhart (CFO). The management team has many years of interdisciplinary experience and skills across all necessary areas.


Gerald Wirtl


Gerald is a successful entrepreneur from Austria. After selling his hardware company Chilli Green, which was the largest manufacturer of PCs in Austria, to the worldwide market leader Quanmax in 2008, he founded several companies with a focus on IT and renewable energy.


Günther Wiesauer


Günther has decades of international experience: From 1996 up to now he was founder or CTO in company’s like Unicom, Webcast Media AG and Underground_8. His German startup-company was elected as the sixth successful company in 2000.


Marion Reinhart


Marion has many years of practice in the financial sector. She worked for international companies like ALK, ABW, Chili Green, IP Communications and Quanmax AG as head of payroll and accounting. Since 2017 she is CFO of the Bit & Coin AG.


Bernhard Christl


Bernhard has many years of experience in the IT sector. His professional career led him as a senior technical manager to well-known companies like S+S, Gericom, Netbase Software, Chili Green and IP-COM. Since 2017 he is CTO of the Bit & Coin AG.


Best access and conditions to the key technologies in the hardware and software sector

As part of a joint venture with a well-known chip manufacturer, Bit & Coin AG is developing a new generation of ASIC miners, which has an approx. 82% higher efficiency than the currently fastest competitors. In addition, the company is developing a new technology that enables parallel FPGA-based mining as GPU replacement.

Excellent contacts to European energy suppliers with the best purchase conditions for green energy

Due to its direct connection to energy suppliers at suitable locations, Bit & Coin AG can achieve electricity prices of 5 cents/kWh in purchasing, which are well below the European average and can also compete with Asian companies.

High scalable locations

At the already fixed locations at well-known energy companies, a total of 2 GW of electricity is available at best conditions for the expansion, which theoretically suffice for the operation of approx. 2.4 million miners.


Unlike many competitors, the company does not offer hosting models, but focuses its activity on the industrial mining of cryptocurrencies. 50% of the generated units are continuously sold for the further expansion of the company, the remaining 50% remain within the company during the year. In addition, the rental of free infrastructure capacities to qualified cryptocurrency or blockchain companies is planned.